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Fire Safety Plans and Evacuation Drawings

Building/business owners have a legal and moral obligation to ensure the safety of their building’s occupants, staff and visitors. Formal Fire Safety Plans enhance the chances of survival if there is a fire in your building.

A fire safety plan includes a complete set of schematic drawings of all levels and site plan showing all life safety devices and mechanical systems. The fire safety plan also identifies all equipment, human resources, emergency procedures, maintenance procedures etc. The plan outlines the actions that should be taken by the occupants and those charged with the management of the facility in the event of a fire or similar emergency situation. The fire safety plan covers fire prevention, maintenance, evacuation and emergency response.

BC Fire Safe Protection Services will produce a Fire Safety Plan that is acceptable to the Fire Marshall or other Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), as per the B.C. Fire Code Section 2.8.2.

The Fire Safety Plan you get from BC Fire Safe Protection Services will include:

You should always check with your local Fire Department as to whether or not your building is required by law to have a fire safety plan. We recommend that all buildings, both commercial and residential, should have a fire safety plan and should be reviewed and practiced by all occupants.

Objectives of a Fire Safety Plan

The Plan is prepared for a number of reasons:

The BC Fire Code requires a review of the fire safety plan at least once a year if there has been no change in the building. The code requires the fire safety plan be updated immediately when a change occurs.

Fire safety and evacuation plans

When a fire happens, the people in your building will be looking for a way to evacuate as quickly and safely as possible. The key to a successful fire evacuation is to make sure that no one is hurt and that each person understands exactly where to go during the emergency. Planning ahead is a legal requirement for every building owner or management authority. BC Fire Safe Protection Services strongly recommendeds clear professional authored fire evacuation drawings to reduce panic, prevent injuries, and ensure added safety to all building occupants.

BC Fire Safe Protection Services will create evacuation drawings that are specific to a building and its layout and will compliment your fire safety plan. In an actual fire emergency, the building occupants will be directed to the safest escape routes. Our evacuation plans and procedures are clear, easy to read and follow.

Another important function of evacuation planning is to help fire officials locate certain locations in an emergency situation. These locations are necessary to maximize rescue efforts. By having an evacuation plan map on the premises, you will be taking the steps needed in providing the ultimate protection.

BC Fire Safe Protection Services currently offers the following types of evacuation planning:

Each BC Fire Safe Protection Services fire evacuation plan is developed using the latest drawing software. The plans are delivered using a look that will compliment any building.If you require more information regarding fire evacuation safety plans or any other fire protection related service please feel free to contact us.